The Manufacturing School of One

Small business manufacturing is where job creation and innovation is happening in the US.  So how can companies keep up on the latest manufacturing techniques, industry best practices, and regulatory changes?  Traditionally they could spend time away from the business at a technical college, or read mountains of technical books, but then who would be running the business?

Advanced professional educational programs where developed in an era of large batch production principles.  Iterations happen on an annual basis and sometimes biannually.  The time required to complete a course is nearly impossible for the owners and their small staff of mission critical employees.  And what happens when you finally complete the course and you find out that everything you learned wasn’t exactly what you thought you were going to learn?  Then there is the retention and application of what you learned to impact the business in a positive way.

“This large batch educational model just doesn’t work anymore.  Especially for the small manufacturing businesses. That’s where InCloud Control is focusing our attention on solving this problem each day.”

We take a different approach in educating our users.  We treat each student as One Unique Individual Learner.  We know every user’s learning style is different.  Some like reading scholarly documents, some like watching a person teach a principle subject, some like listening to a teacher on their headphones, some like an actual demonstration of the concept, and finally some like learning in groups with social interaction.

InCloud addresses each learning style in our MX platform.  We also test the impact the teaching has on the user, and ultimately their business.  Educational opportunities are delivered in real time exactly when a user actually needs answers.  Business owners love this because their key employees don’t spend time away learning broad subject matter.  Users love it because they know they have a choice in the learning style that suites their preference.  Both business owners and users love the fact that after they learn something new, they are able to articulate a best practice methodology and how applying that practice to the InCloud MX application process and ultimately the business, positive results are delivered each day.

The revolution of small manufacturing companies is being fueled by affordable business execution software.  We think we add a critical benefit to our customers by delivering education “Just In Time”.

Are you ready to start something revolutionary at your company?