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What is IRP?

The InCloud Industrial Reliability Platform (IRP)

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What is InCloud IRP? 

In a sentence IRP is: a complete oil and gas plant asset maintenance, management and reliability analytics platform enabling customer adoption at whatever point in the planning and execution life-cycle that is most profitable for them.

IRP handles everything from simple day-to-day maintenance work orders to complex, total facility turnaround operations through embedded domain knowledge from industry experts, standards and best practices.

IRP manages the full life-cycle for complex projects, from capital planning and budgeting, to bidding, scheduling and resource assignment, to the management of project critical path, parts inventory management, and more. Mobile workers bring execution data into the system enabling a real-time view of project progression.

Built-in Process and Knowledge Management brings discipline to Reliability Centered Maintenance programs. Real-time capture, aggregation and analysis of instrumentation data allow reliability technicians to move beyond break-fix into predictive and preventive maintenance.  With InCloud IRP you can take veteran maintenance leaders and transform them into data scientists. Making decisions based on live data instead of intuition.

IRP enables documentation of diagnostic, analytic and repair routines and then creates repeatable procedures to pass key experience and lessons learned from one generation of technicians to the next.

Sensor and maintenance/repair data gathered over time will allow customers to compare manufacturer predicted MBTF and MTTF values with actual field data.

And ultimately, the InCloud IRP Exchange – where sanitized and anonymized customer field data is aggregated from all over the world – will enable customers to compare their data against global benchmarks and adjust their predicted MBTF and MTTF metrics to account for environmental and geographic variables.

Why chose between reducing maintenance costs, increasing overall uptime, shortening maintenance windows, and eliminating unplanned outages when you can do all of those things at once?


The IRP provides customers a profit driven reliability roadmap.