QuickBooks and InCloud Control Deliver An Affordable Solution For Small Manufacturing

InCloud Control offers small manufacturing companies using QuickBooks an affordable easy solution.
Getting started with InCloud MX software delivers a simple interface with your QuickBooks accounting software that provides the automation and power need to run your manufacturing operations. The InCloud MX software provides the following capabilities:
  • Extensive tracking of manufacturing inventory and work in process (WIP)
  • Multi-level bills of material with full explosion down to 24 levels deep.
  • Net-change physical inventory with cycle counting.
  • Batch-oriented or direct entry of all stock transfer transactions.
  • Full back-flushing of all assembly transactions.
  • Choice of standard, average, LIFO, or FIFO costing methods.
  • Cost adjustment with roll-up through all BOM levels.
  • Work orders to document and track production activity.
  • Extensive reporting delivered as a clean a perfectly formatted PDF.
  • Record detailed stock status for all inventoried items.
  • Track inventory in multiple locations.
  • Maintain inventory levels with minimum, maximum, and reorder points.
  • Instantly display transaction history, where-used (BOM implosion), and outstanding order status.
  • Can optionally allow or prevent negative inventory levels
  • Associate a unique set of general ledger accounts with by specific item, job, or location
And that’s just the beginning. InCloud MX is designed to grow as you grow, when you need additional power, simply plug in a new module. InCloud offers additional functionality in the following modules:
  • InCloud Purchasing
  • InCloud Production
  • InCloud MRP – Material Requirements Planning
  • InCloud Floor Control
  • InCloud HR – Resource Tracking
  • InCloud Mobile
Quick and Easy to Learn The user experience is what drives InCloud.  There are never more than 4 tabs visible to you the user because we keep it simple.  Logical flow delivers logical results.  No software to load.  No system requirements.  No updates, backups, or patches to manage.  If you have a web browser or smart phone you have our software.
Critical Data At Your Fingertips You don’t sit at a computer all day, so why should your most critical software try and keep you there.  InCloud is mobile first and mobile fast.  Things that are easier on a PC can be done on a PC.  But messaging, alerts, quick and immediate decisions, and communication with your team and suppliers happens on that smart phone you have in your pocket 24 hours-a-day.
Low Total Cost of Ownership InCloud MX is a great value, offering functionality that is found in software systems that are often 10X the cost.  There are no hidden fees ever.  We only develop one version of the software giving you a predictable product roadmap and cost transparency over the lifecycle of your manufacturing system.