An ethical, strong, and reliable partner network is built over years of projects.  Capabilities and expertise are only part of the recipe for delivering the best products and services to our customers.  Below are the partnerships that have made InCloud Control a trusted global source when you’re trying to harness your data driven decisions

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RackTop Systems


RackTop provides customers with unified storage and software defined data management solutions.  VDI-in-a-Box and VDI-as-a-Service.

Born out of the NSA – RackTop founders understand the importance of security and advance threats to data management and storage.  Hyper-Converged infrastructure made right here in the U.S.

When it comes to virtualization and VDI RackTop literally wrote the book.  Our own Chuck Mills as published the essential resource on VDI: VMware Horizon 6 Desktop Virtualization Solutions.

You can learn more about them here:

Isystematics Security


When it comes to a complete view of your enterprise security understanding where your threats are coming from and what risks your organization faces is critical.

For that reason Isystematics provides clients with Penetration Testing on your most critical assets.  But simply providing those findings is never enough to manage a security assessment properly.

That is why DIVY was created.  DIVY is a security task management platform that tracks your remediation progress and provides additional resources and training for critical gaps in your team’s capabilities.

You can learn more about them at:

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

ThingCracker was built for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.  The ThingCracker solution which turns instant analytics into action, is certified with Amazon Redshift and also optimized and deployed on HANA Cloud Platform.

The ThingCracker 2-tier analytics unifies global edge data at the sensor level and combines it with enterprise asset maintenance/planning data to deliver a worldwide real-time view of the business’ reliability and risk position. ThingCracker also refines the global and market-specific data, and organizes it into a unified, business-ready view of the information that can be delivered at scale to the entire organization.

Finally, for startups, HCP carries the additional bonus of being SAP strategic and closely aligned to its enterprise customers.

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 PI Achievers

Process Improvement Achievers, LLC (d/b/a PI Achievers) is a woman-owned, small business based in Baltimore, MD. PI Achievers fills a niche in the market, helping companies to unify business operations and IT security operations.

They  provide IT and business operations assessment services including: RF penetration testing and vulnerability assessments; WiFi tuning; business process observations, walkthroughs, and testing of controls; and assistance with policy and procedure development.

We provide training and employee development services including: RF offense and defense training; Wireless Capture the Flag (WCTF) skill evaluation for hiring of technical engineers; employee skills assessments and training plans; and creation of testing scenarios and procedures.

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Mtell makes any machine smart.  The Mtell approach is a departure from current analytical techniques. During journeyman years, Mtell experienced firsthand the pervasive operational and maintenance issues. Those experiences have influenced their approach. The result automates as much as possible, to assure that skills and effort to implement and maintain are as low as practical, and that data scientists are helpful but are not essential.

Not data scientists in a “sand-box” – live agents run in real-time, all the time, doing the heavy-lifting, comparing incoming data for matches with a learned behavioral pattern of equipment in a specific operating mode or exact degradation cycle. They give off predictive alerts and prescriptive advice, and generate work orders and work processes to ensure facilitate problem resolution.

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Intelligent ID

Intelligent ID is an endpoint and user monitoring software that secures organizations’ business assets by continuously monitoring and alerting management to suspect events taking place.

This includes data loss or theft activity, compliance infractions, workplace liability issues, inefficient use of time and resources, infrastructure concerns, insecure file access, and more.

The ability to offer our clients a unified advance threat monitoring solution – with IID as a critical piece of that offering is just one reason we value this partnership.

Combining DLP, User Behavior Monitoring, Productivity, and Forensics in one platform gives companies an enormous level of security without the client having to be a security expert.

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