Lean Learning – Bite Sized Brain Food When You’re Hungry

Imagine you are a typical user of InCloud MX software, just going through your normal everyday routine, when you come across a field in the software you’ve never used before.  You click on the box and notice the standard blue “?” mark.  You wave over the “?” and a the familiar text help box appears, giving you a short description of “what” the data you enter into the field will represent as a generic field.   

For this example the box just happens to be “Cycle Time” and the text box description leaves you wanting to learn more about the concept.  So, you notice a new Video icon at the bottom of the text box.  You click on the icon an a mini window pops up that says: “If you want to watch a 30 second video tutorial on what Cycle Time can mean for improving your company’s asset reliability performance “click here”.
So the user thinks, yeah, I can spare 30 seconds to learn a little more about making my company better, so he clicks the link.  And up pops a guys face on the screen.  “Hi, I’m James Dean, a graduate student at Georgia Tech in the Factory Information Systems Program, I see you are interested in understanding a little more about how using the Cycle Times feature in InCloud MX can help your company.  Let me explain it like this –  (And the view pans out so you see James at a whiteboard.  

Where he proceeds to draw a simple graph describing your production assets and how each cycle produces a set amount of product during and order.  And that by simply setting up the operation to register the Cycle Time you can have a valuable piece of data that moves your company closer to predicting maintenance events and planning them instead of reacting…) At the end of the video James quickly shows you in the InCloud App what fields are required and how those impact your business.  He then thanks the viewer and offers a link to learn more at the GT InCloud Manufacturing Execution Lean-Learning-University and the screen then shrinks back to the normal Mx view.
This is the key opportunity that GT can contribute to the small business manufacturing community to help educate an unreached people group.  The largest and most influential market segment for economic growth and jobs creation for the State of Georgia and the entire US.  Providing a bite sized customized education platform to teach manufacturing principles and best practices at the exact time a user’s needs arises, is exactly the platform a partnership between Georgia Tech and InCloud Control would deliver.
Literally giving small businesses the tools to compete each day more effectively with enterprise incumbent giants in ways they never imagined possible.  Now those same small businesses that may already have a better quality product, and are actually more responsive to customer needs, can learn ways to be more efficient.  More cost effective.  Manage inventory and suppliers in ways that reduce their overhead and improve deliver schedules.  The impact is virtually limitless and the audience is reached at the exact right time the user actually needs the training.  The impact on the user retaining that knowledge, and then applying it to the business, will be immediate and profound on the business.
As the library of “training bites” continues to grow, additional educational opportunities can be created by the GT curriculum team.  Those courses could ultimately be driven by intelligent data from the InCloud MX user behavior.  What areas of support are most popular?  What areas made the biggest impact on the business?  What about the user?  How was she impacted by the “Training Bites” video short?

The user could literally be directed to an online program offered by GT that would be delivered in 10 minute Training Bites that would lead them to specific certifications like LEAN, Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, and Demand-Driven MRP… You get the idea.