InCloud Smartglass Empowered Workforce

InCloud Smartglass Manufacturing concept is simple by design, and it needs to be if roughnecks on an oil rig or hardhats on a factory floor are going to bother with newfangled tech. An employee dons the  glasses, and everything he or she sees is streamed from an onboard 5-megapixel video camera to InCloudVision, our own cloud platform. Tapping into InCloudVision – remote colleagues and domain experts can see everything the employee sees—and from the employee’s point of view.


Vuzix M100

Barcode scanning production assets, raw material inventory, tasks, asset outages, clocking in and out, and realtime progression for the production manager to get the most accurate view of what’s happening on the shop floor, rig, or refinery.

Telepresence provides voice communication like a phone and the onboard sensors deliver valuable bio data and Geo data for understanding and supporting your workforce better than has ever been possible.



You’ll also notice that the some of the products lack any type of display to provide visual feedback for the system’s applications.  That’s a design feature – an acknowledgement that excessive visual feedback isn’t necessarily safe for your workforce.  Instead the smartglass has a strip of LEDs that run along the interior of the frames and send simple messages back to the worker—for example, a green LED  indicates a bin has been properly scanned.





And of course, the clear lenses on the smartglasses are impact-resistant to ANSI Z87.1 standards. The glasses’ earbuds are safety-certified, too.


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