Creating A Generative Organizational Culture

What If You Could Change Your Company’s Culture?

In a generative environment, it is understood that continuous improvement leads to ever-higher levels of throughput and stability. Planning, scheduling and operations work together throughout the delivery process, and collaborate on ways to reduce the cost and risk of making changes. 

Everybody is encouraged to run experiments to learn how to improve both processes and the products and services they build. Failure is treated as a learning opportunity. The flow of information and feedback is fast, because it’s built into the system, from continuous integration to automated tests to monitoring of production environments. 

The result is a business that can pull ahead of the competition because it can quickly detect and respond to new market opportunities, unburdened by an external decision-making process. Just as important, generative workplaces have more engaged employees who can express their intelligence and creativity, lending the company an important competitive advantage.

What if you had the power to make changes like described above to your company?  InCloud Control tests every new feature our customers request by thinking about how it’s going to impact you.  How is this new feature going to impact your company?  We hope you love our new product.  It’s created a lot of fan mail for our researchers and product development team so far.  It’s real.  Use the right tools to change your world.