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Building InCloud Control – Why did we do it?

For several years we have worked with companies from different industries to help them first understand what makes their business unique, and second how to leverage the mountains of data they create each day – but then simply throw away.

We saw that many new business software projects were professing to solve the same problems over and over again. The growth minded companies were racing to integrate new ERP systems,  project planning and execution systems, scheduling, and enterprise asset management systems into their operational model.

Although most companies have already deployed these types of systems and optimized their sales process, finances and logistics – little has been done with asset reliability and predictive failure solutions.  Mainly because companies are waiting for smart machines of the future.

So we decided to make asset reliability more systematic and started to build InCloud Control into a Reliability Maturity Catalyst. We have developed our own products, partnered with great companies like SAP, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Georgia Tech, and Kennesaw State University (in the big data and advanced analytics department).

Our maturity model meets you where you are…then helps you take that next big step in improving asset reliability and eliminating routine maintenance all together.

We would love to work with your team.

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About InCloud Control

InCloud Control LLC is an Atlanta Georgia based software development and professional services company.   Our staff is rich with development resources, and supported by data scientist, and industry specific domain experts.

A product of the ATDC Georgia Tech Incubator, the organization has been an enormous resource for building our business model and developing really good software.

InCloud is a SAP HANA Startup Focus company – SAP has provided us with extremely valuable software products, development infrastructure, development support, and industry go-to-market resources and guidance.

Intelligent ID – Is our premier security software partner.  The product monitors insider threat and outlier behavior patterns to help provide a much needed security focus on activity inside your network.

CyberDome and DIVY – Security platform partner and channel management and development lead team member.  CyberDome is an OpenSource infrastructure leveraging software and tools to accomplish our lofty performance goals.  DIVY allows the CyberDome platform to process over two million packets of data per second.  The build, documentation and maintenance is a partnership relationship with one of the top technical universities in the country.  “The purpose of CyberDome is to build an outstanding platform while training our security leaders for tomorrows challenges.”

TAG – Technology Association of Georgia has played a big part in developing both our corporate culture and technology platform direction.

MIMOSA – Our leadership team is involved in promoting and accelerating open interoperability standards.  Our CTO is an active Board Member.

Fiatech – InCloud participates in the ongoing efforts of Fiatech which has a rich history in putting application to the standards around ISO-15926

Our growth strategy is to partner with organizations that can benefit as much from our products as InCloud Control can benefit from each organizations customer relationships.


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