Communicating + Process = Improvement

Do you carry a white board or a smart phone in your pocket?

Businesses of every type must improve each and every day.  This has always been a platform that manufacturing companies have tried to adopt and execute for many years.  We have countless examples of companies that have successfully implemented Lean Six Sigma practices into their culture and just as many that have failed.

In enterprise-sized companies, failure to integrate a clear communication culture makes front-page news because the impact is usually losing a customer contract that devastates an entire community.

However, there is an entire segment of the manufacturing industry where the lack of communication keeps them from growing beyond their facility walls.  Let me expand.

InCloud has been interview small manufacturing companies under 99 employees for a few months now.  Our interest in this market segment comes from working for companies this size and personally experiencing the pain and problems caused when the business process is manual, not fully developed, and no unified data system was leveraged.

At the core of this issue is a lack of communication.

Let me provide a fairly common example.  I have spoken to over 30 companies that use QuickBooks for their accounting application and then plan, schedule, and execute production on a whiteboard.  For most of these companies – this has been the way the business has run for years and at a profitable level to boot.  However, there was a common thread of frustration from the production team that performs the manufacturing tasks.

“When our owners aren’t physically in front of the whiteboard, no decisions can be made, and we have to wait around until they return to approve an order, production run, change request, or supply order.  The lack of communication creates a lot of frustration for the team.”

This is where I truly believe InCloud is going to change the small manufacturing segment forever.  Starting with a single and unified data source, these companies can begin to build their business process on a platform that documents their success and failures.  This in-turn allows a company to learn something new at every phase of the process and throughout the business.  The users can participate in improvement suggestions, test the ideas, and get immediate feedback that maps to goals of growth and performance.

Because InCloud MX is a cloud-based and mobile solution, once your data is entered into the system – you now have access to that data where ever you are in the world.

It is a whole lot easier to carry a smart phone instead of taking a whiteboard with you where ever you go.  Mobile push messages, decisions, data, process, change requests – can all be easily managed and executed from your phone.

The net effect is rapid growth in production capacity, better customer relations, better communications with your entire team, and the ability to apply Lean Six Sigma in a manageable way.

Want to learn more about how InCloud Control can help you manage your communication process even better?  Give us click today at www.myincloud.com

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