Are you ready to compete?

Are you the kind of company that makes great products?  The same company that your customers keep coming back to time-and-time again?  You’ve posted profits for the past 3 years in a challenging economy.  You’re making a steady and slow climb each quarter yet you wonder why you haven’t been able to take that next “Big Step” in production performance and market penetration.

If you’re that company, InCloud MX can help you make that next jump in performance execution.

“InCloud Control exists because the small business manufacturer goes to work each day to kick the big guys ass.” 

However, the business execution software they need to compete has never been made accessible to them.  Enterprise Software – like ERP or MRP is both financially out of reach and much to complex to deploy and consume – and frankly that is exactly what the enterprise software giants in this space desire.

Our approach flips that model on its head.  InCloud MX is affordable for any and every small business manufacturing owner.  At $99 per month, you get 10 users to input production orders, get access to reports and alerts, get order cost feedback immediately, have visibility into production scheduling capacity, and watch real time progress of each order.

We also made it simple for anyone at any level.  Unlike the massively complex features embedded into traditional business execution software, InCloud MX only gives you what you want, and more importantly what you will actually use to add value to your company.

The user experience is our focus, because we know if your people don’t Absolutely Love using our system, we can’t add value to their company and they can’t add value to their customers.  So we made InCloud MX with basic functionality visible to the user, while maintain complex services running in the background.

Why would we do this?

Because you told us that you don’t use 90% of MicroSoft Word.  You only really wanted BoldItalic, and Underline

Our approach allows you to simply enter in 3 points of data that deliver answers to your most important questions.  We also made it really fast and easy to get started.

Swipe your credit card and less than an hour later you will be entering your first production order into InCloud MX.  Yep, it’s that easy.

Are you ready to compete?