Introducing Your Next Favorite Company

INCLOUD is first-and-foremost a cloud-based advanced analytics company.  

What that means to our customers is zero spend on the infrastructure that makes analytics possible.  Every other company that tries to sell you on analytics is going to convince you to spend an enormous amount of money on tools, databases, hardware, visualization tools, and the expert talent required to make it all work and develop the algorithms to model the insights.
We are unique because in our world – your data is all that’s required.  We provide everything you need, including the data scientists and visualization specialists to deliver meaningful business insights in just 4-6 weeks.  Why would you want to wait months for intelligent insights when they are available to you right now?  It would take you longer to process the paperwork from one of the big data analytics vendors, than it will for InCloud to deliver meaningful results to your dashboard.
INCLOUD has developed a bunch of kick ass apps that make processing your data fast and easy.  And the best part about developing apps for different use cases is that they can be reused, which makes keeping your data fresh and up-to-date simple and inexpensive.
So why did we decide to build an advanced analytics company in the cloud – deliver ROI focused results really-really-really-fast – oh, and do it at a remarkably low price?  Because as soon as we figured out that the incumbent hardware and professional services companies were pushing product for millions of dollars and in the end, customers had nothing to show for except a huge invoice and an annual support contract…we decided someone needed to kick their ass.
And so here we are, kicking their ass everyday.  And our customers love it and they love us.
Let me tell you a little bit about what we do that’s unique for our customers.  Where most product companies start by talking about what they can sell you, INCLOUD begins with the problem you’re trying to solve.  Digital assets are ready to be harvested to provide new opportunities and insight into the future. 
The problem I stated above – is that the financial investment is only compounded by complexity of trying to find the expertise in-house to make sense of the data – and only after you finally have a functioning analytics platform up and running. 
INCLOUD works with you to first define your problem statement…
”The what if scenario that starts with a question you just haven’t been able to answer – the what if scenario that if you could answer it would give you a competitive advantage.”
We define that “what if scenario” as a use case.  The use case is represented by one of our apps that can ingest your data and then model the results you need to impact your operational decisions.  We then help you integrate the results back into your business so that you can measure ROI on each insight.
Because we are constantly creating reusable apps for each unique customer use case – the catalog continues to grow – creating more opportunities for other use cases performed by your established analytics platform we’ve built exclusively for you.
The visualization and delivery of your results are presented in a beautiful and graphical dashboard display that allows you to actually see the data come to life on your screen.  Visualization also allows you to simulate “what if” scenarios like – what if I spend more money on this thing, or what if I only look at these doctors for this referral, or what if I shorten this campaign from 6 months to 2 weeks.
Powerful insights begin to drive your decision-making because those insights optimize your ROI.  Now you have the capability to not only know what you should do today, but also predict what will happen 6 months from now.  That’s taking your digital assets from simple reporting on what happened last quarter to knowing what decisions will impact your profitability, risk exposure, customer sentiment, security spend…whatever is important to you.
So now that you have captured the data you need to make decisions, on a platform you only pay for when you use it – what more could you do with more intelligence and fresh data?
Well we thought of that too.  INCLOUD has a SaaS model, which means you consume the platform for a low monthly subscription fee.  You can push your fresh data once a quarter, every month, every day or even in real time.  We reuse the apps we created on the unique and secure platform that isn’t shared with any other company – and deliver insights back to your desktop whenever you want to figure out how you did on last month’s pivot or figure out if you should spend more or less money on maintenance this winter.
So there you have it.  Answers to your most important questions, faster, and less expensive than anyone in the market. 

We are InCloud…are you in?